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saturday, june 18th at 11:00 am

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2016 Registration is Now Closed.

Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival

2016 registration opens on December 10, 2016. Complete the registration form below and submit your band logo and image. Don't forget to put your band name within the file name, such as owatonnaband_photo.jpg and owatonnaband_logo for example. Thank you!

We are very excited to have you join us for the 7th Annual Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival! We truly believe we can offer your students a fantastic educational experience here at our festival. We also know your parents and fans will enjoy the many assets and amenities Owatonna has to offer.

Our committee is experienced in the Minnesota summer parade marching world and because of that we believe we have put this festival together with the things that YOU want and need to have a great experience for your students and staff.

This is a bands only parade so no stopping and starting for floats, Shriners or other units. While you may choose to play on the route as often as you wish you will only be expected to play 3 times. The last time is for the judges!

Each band will have ample room for your pre performance routine. Why not use our space for cleaning those show spots that you are working to perfect? Plenty of room for practice and warm up that are sometimes a challenge to find at other shows. We will provide you with your own personal host for the entire stay in Owatonna. They are at your beck and call for anything you need. After the parade we will feed you, your staff, students, drivers, chaperones at our own expense near the awards ceremony in our beautiful downtown Central Park.

We believe the competitive parade activity is a very beneficial one to young people. We also know it takes a lot of hard work to prepare for the season. A season that is over in a few short weeks! We believe that as hard as the kids and staff work that they deserve an opportunity to perform more often. You can't add days to the week, but you can add a performance to a day. We are geographically located in a place that if you choose will more than allow you to do our parade and then continue on to one of the other fine events later that night.

The 7th Annual Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival is teaming with The Lake Waconia Band Festival in Waconia to bring a new and exciting competitive aspect to the day's events. Once again we will be awarding "The Owat-onia Grand Champion of the Day Award" to the band with the highest combined point total from the two events. So plan on heading up to Waconia for their great festival to end the day after your performance here in Owatonna!

saturday, june 18th 2016 at 11:00 am

Drum Sticks

Awards will be given in three categories to three classes. Contact Kim Cosens at with any questions. Registration for this event must be completed by May 1.

Overall Grand Champion:

Overall Grand Champion: $500

Awards will be presented in each class, as follows:

  • Stipend to all 12 bands: $800
  • First Place: $750
  • Second Place: $500
  • Third Place: $250
  • Best Drum Major(s) (Given to each class)
  • Best Wind Section (Given to each class)
  • Best Percussion Section (Given to each class)
  • Best Color Guard (Given to each class)
  • Best Marching & Manuevering (Given to each class)
  • People’s Choice Award (Regardless of Class)
  • Grand Champion Band (Regardless of Class) will awarded to the band with the highest score, and will receive an additional $500
    • Bands may plan their arrival time according to the parade order.
    • Buses may remain with your band until you step off, although the line up area will be congested.
    • It is expected that each band perform three times along the route: Playing zones will be clearly marked.
    • Awards will be held at Central Park. Please have Drum Majors/Commanders report to the band shell area (in uniform).
      Central Park is within easy walking distance of the bus parking area.
    • No buses will be allowed on the performance route, but trailers if not pulled by a bus will be allowed to follow your band at a safe distance..
    • Medical assistance will be available along the parade route and at the end of the parade route.
    • Each band member, chaperone and marching band staff member will receive a sandwich, chips and beverage at the end of the parade route. Tickets will be provided to each member.
    • Food will also be available for purchase from vendors near the playing zones.
    • The Owatonna High School Marching Band will be the final unit in the parade and as host will perform in exhibition only.
    • A maximum of 12 bands will be accepted this year.
    • Questions may be directed to Kim Cosens, by emailing him at

Inclement Weather:

  • The parade will go on as scheduled. Each band will decide whether or not to march, depending on the circumstances.
  • The parade may be delayed up to one hour or cancelled.
  • Each band will be expected to begin marching from the lineup area and continue through the judging area.
  • All requests for departure from the above policies are to be directed by the band director or his/her representative to a Parade Committee member at the start of the route.

We are pleased to announce that The 2016 Harry Wenger Marching Band Festival is full at this point. We look forward to another wonderful event this summer. If you were not able to get registered early enough we hope to see you at one of our future festivals. As a reference it is best to try and get registered before the end of December. Registration is now officially closed for 2016.